Steps To Remove Chinese Apps/Other OEM’s System Apps

Chinese and some other OEM manufacturers always pre-installs some Chinese apps or sponsored apps that users can’t remove. So, these apps keep sucking your battery in the background.

Prerequisites for removal

  1. Install Android USB Driver for your device
    *If, You are able to connect your phone to pc and transfer files then USB driver is already installed through system updates
  2. Download adb binary for particular OS from here
  3. adb binary download

  4. Extract the zip into folder using Winrar
  5. compressed extraction software: winrar

  6. On your phone, go to settings > About Phone > Build Number.
  7. Tap Build Number 5-7 times, until you see developer options are enabled
  8. Open the Developer settings, search for USB Debugging and turn it on.
  9. Connect your phone to pc, your phone will show popup to allow access key using Usb debugging

  10. enable usb debugging

How To Remove Chinese Apps or OEM Bloatware?

  1. Connect the phone with PC
  2. Go to adb binary extracted folder
  3. Open command line in that directory by pressing the right shift + right click
  4. You will see Power shell or command line (CMD), select any one.
  5. powershell window

  6. In the command line, type
    adb devices

    unauthorised device
    If You See Unauthorised Then You Have Missed One Of The Prerequisites

    adb shell
    pm list packages | grep 'google'

    This command will list all app package names installed in your phone.
    Any Carrier Name like Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo (Chinese), Samsung can be used instead of google.(Grep Is Used For Filtering The List With A Keyword)

    adb list packages

  7. To check the App Package Name that you want to uninstall from your phone, you can install An App “Package Name Viewer 2.0” from Play Store. It will list all installed apps with their package name and app icon logos.

  8. app package viewer

    pm uninstall -k --user 0 <name of package>

    Flags ‘-k’ and ‘–user 0’ are used to uninstall system package for the current user only but the package is still available in the system cache. So, if you reset your phone all apps will come back.
    To remove package completely, root access is needed.


    adb delete apps

To Re-Install The Deleted Package
ADB Shell cmd package install-existing <name of package>

adb reinstall apps

By using this command, you will still receive OTA updates and it does not void your warranty. The uninstalled package might re-install if the OTA update package has that app.
But, you again can uninstall those Chinese or other OEM’s bloatware apps the same way as before.

Warning: While removing the apps, make sure that you don’t remove any important system app.

Only delete those apps that you have knowledge about

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