How to speedup your pc: top 10 tips for windows 10

These steps can make new or old PC like it is reborn. Let me show you, how to use full power of windows, how to optimize your computer, increase battery backup of notebook computers. It is recommended that you should follow all the steps but you can skip any step according to your needs.

  1. Stop Useless Download
  2. When connect to the internet, you will see small tiles in the start menu saying a great app is on the way (when you hover over that tile).

    To stop these sponsored downloads:

    windows store

    windows store settings

    1. Go to Start menu and type Windows Store.
    2. right-click on three dots at right corner.
    3. Turn off Update Apps Automatically option.

    If, some of these apps installed somehow than just uninstall them. because after the above steps are completed, no app will auto-download.

  3. Appearance Setting
  4. Nowadays, Dark mode is becoming more popular since google added to Android 9 aka Android Pie. Dark mode feels good to eyes and energy consumption is also reduced. As, dark pixel require less battery to lit up.
    Windows 10 has also added this dark theme feature to your benefit. Let me show, how you can enable it.

    Steps to achieve famous dark mode:

    windows dark mode settings

    1. Right click on the desktop screen
    2. Select the option “Personalize”
    3. On the left sidebar, select “Colors” option
    4. Change the color from “Custom” to Dark.
  5. Check for updates
  6. Windows updates help you stay updated to the latest security patches to protect from latest vulnerability found and minor bug fixes. These updates sometimes improves your computer performance and stability.

    Steps to check for updates

    windows updates settings

    enable microsoft products updates

    1. Go to start menu, type updates
    2. Select “Check for updates”.
    3. Go to “Advanced options”

    Turn on “Windows and other Microsoft products” and “Restart this device as soon as possible when a restart is required to install an update. Windows will display a notice before the restart, and the device must be on and plugged in”.
    This will enable you to update office products and notify the user when updates require a restart, user have a option postpone it.

  7. Driver updates
  8. Using the last step, you are enabling windows to download some of the required drivers for your device that exists in there Microsoft’s repository.
    Graphic card driver are usually bigger in size, so you can download it directly from the official website using there assistant that will check for the right driver and install it.
    Intel drivers, Nvidia driver, Amd driver
    Other drivers can be downloaded via software named “Driver Easy“.

    software to find missing drivers

    This software has a simple and user-friendly layout which lets user to download and install driver easily. But, to get the best experience of this software you have to buy the pro version. Free version also provide all the driver updates just you have to update the driver yourself via windows Device Manager.

  9. Install essentials
  10. There are many type of files that windows can’t directly open. So, we need to install specific software for commonly used extensions.

    Now, Its time to install essential software for productivity, development, utility, some other software.

    Software for productivity, development, utility, more:
    1. Browser: Google Chrome
    2. Antivirus: Avast Antivirus, Avg Antivirus
    3. Spyware: Spyware Terminator
    4. Java
    5. Pdf Reader: Adobe Reader
    6. Compressed extractor: Winrar 32-bit | 64-bit, 7zip 32-bit | 64-bit
    7. Office Suite: Open Office, Microsoft Office
    8. Media Player: VLC 32-bit | 64-bit
    9. Code Editor: Microsoft Visual studio code
    10. Optimization: CCleaner
    11. Gaming Extras: Visual C++, Directx Online Installer | Offline Installer
  11. Default Apps
  12. Windows 10 has lot of pre-installed applications and most of them are set as default apps for different file type. These apps are not so great and don’t have best user experience. So, its best to change these defaults to the some of the software installed in the last step.

    How to change default apps?

    windows default apps

    1. Go to start menu, type Default Apps
    2. Change your preferred app for Email, Music, Photos, Video, and Web Browsing
    3. After that you can also change various software for opening different file extensions like pdf, docx, txt, more.
  13. Optimize Power
  14. Power optimization is always a necessary to get best output from your computer. There various options in windows 10 that you can change to get best performance or best battery life.
    balanced power plan settings

    How to save Power?
    1. Go to start menu, type “Edit Power Plan”.
    2. Select the option below “change advance Power settings”
    3. You can also change power plan by changing active plan from drop-down menu
    4. Under Hard disk section, there is a option “Turn off hard disk after’ change that to Never
    5. Secondly Sleep section, change sleep after timer for battery and plugged in according to your preferences
    6. At last under Display section, change display turn off timer for battery and plugged in according to your preferences
    7. In case of laptop, you can change Power button and lid options like Power lid actions, Power button action
  15. Privacy tweaks
  16. Privacy is biggest concern nowadays. It’s true that windows is collecting your daily routine data to improve windows. One hand we can think it’s good but on the other end it feels like we are being exposed.
    If, you want to feel less exposed than you must disable various privacy options as windows doesn’t allow you to disable all privacy options.
    There are a lot of options for privacy but i am going list down recommended privacy settings that you must change but you must other options too.

    Way to protect your privacy

    basic windows privacy settings

    settings to limit user-data sent to microsoft

    1. Go the start menu and type “Privacy settings”
    2. Firstly, change Windows Permissions: General, Speech, Diagnostics & Feedback
    3. Other App Permissions: Location, Camera, Microphone, Voice Activation, Contacts, Calendar, Phone Calls, Email, Messaging,Background apps

    But, if you still want more privacy protection than you can switch to linux operating system.

  17. Disable Startup Applications
  18. Mostly every third party application adds its service at the windows startup for their connivance and eats up our memory. Together these third party apps slows down our PC gradually. Some of these services necessary but others are just fillings up the RAM. Let me show you a way to disable these applications.

    How to improve startup speed
    1. Open Task Manager using shortcut Ctrl+Shift+Esc
    2. Click on More details on left corner
    3. Switch to Startup tab
    4. Right click on the app which you want to disable than click on Disable option
  19. Backup methods
  20. After all these steps, you must have obtained best configuration of you computer and you don’t want it to be ruined by virus or any other hardware failure. So, it’s recommended that you must create backup for future use.
    There are various software that backup facilities but if you don’t want any third party app you can try windows backup solution by going to start menu and typing “backup”.

Other Tweaks (Optional)

Right click on Taskbar>Search>Hidden
Right click on Taskbar>un-tick “Show Cortana Button” and “Task View Button”

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