How to download YouTube videos easily

A open-source tool that is written in Python to download videos from YouTube and other media(check other websites list). There are many applications available on the internet that provide youtube videos download but are not as powerful as this one is. Sorry to say that this is not a GUI based tool but is a command-line based tool.
I will show you how to easily download videos using simple commands.

Installing Youtube dl

  1. Linux
  2. Prerequisties: Python
    Getting the repository and downloading the latest version

    sudo wget -O /usr/local/bin/youtube-dl
    sudo chmod a+rx /usr/local/bin/youtube-dl

    Updating Youtube-dl

    sudo youtube-dl -U
  3. Windows
  4. Prerequisties: Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86)
    Download: Windows executable

youtube dl update

Youtube-dl Tutorial With Examples

Normal Downloads

(For Windows Users, run the commands in the same directory in which you have downloaded the youtube-dl executable and change the command starting to “youtube-dl.exe”)

  1. Download videos
    • To Download Best (Mostly 720p)
    • youtube-dl

      simple youtube-dl download

    • To see other formats
    • youtube-dl -F

      video quality options

    • Select format code corresponding to video quality:
    • youtube-dl -f 24

      youtube dl selective quality

  2. Download Audio
    • Normal Download
    • youtube-dl -x

      Default audio output is ogg(opus)

    • Download mp3 audio format
    • youtube-dl -x --audio-format mp3
    • check different audio options:
    • youtube-dl -f
  3. Download multiple videos
    • Download two videos
    • youtube-dl
    • Download many many videos using text file
    • youtube-dl -a urls.txt

    • download playlist
    • youtube-dl
  4. Download subtitles
    • download video with subtitles
    • youtube-dl --embed-subs
    • download video and subtitle file seperate
    • youtube-dl --get-subs
    • Download video and subtitle generated by youtube(used if no subtitles available)
    • youtube-dl --get-auto-subs
Miscellaneous options
  1. Download video with specific keyword
  2. youtube-dl --match-title "Goku" 
  3. Download file with a custom name
  4. youtube-dl -f mp4 -o 'custom title.%(ext)s' 
  5. video title along with playlist index number
  6. youtube-dl -f mp4 -o '%(title)s%(playlist_index)s.%(ext)s' 
  7. Set video file size limit
    • Minimum size
    • youtube-dl --min-filesize 100M 
    • Maximum size
    • youtube-dl --max-filesize 100M 
    • Combine it with other options
    • youtube-dl -f 'best[filesize<100M]'
  8. Download videos by date
    • Particular Date Video
    • youtube-dl --date 20181001 
    • Video before a date
    • youtube-dl --datebefore 20180101 
    • Video after a date
    • youtube-dl --dateafter 20180101 
    • Videos in custom range of days
    • youtube-dl --dateafter now-6months 
      youtube-dl --dateafter 20180101 --datebefore 20190101 
  9. Download specific videos from the playlist
    • download 5th video from the playlist
    • youtube-dl --playlist-items 5 
    • download 1, 7, 9 number video from the playlist
    • youtube-dl --playlist-items 1,7,9 
    • set download starting number from the playlist
    • youtube-dl --playlist-start 6 
    • set a range to download from the playlist
    • youtube-dl --playlist-start 6 --playlist-end 10 
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