Android 11 DP 1: More than 20 new Features and Upgrades

Android developer preview is not beta version but for developers only for testing new features with Pixel devices. It is not recommended as a daily driver because it is full of bugs. You might face random reboots. Google is planning to release a total six developer preview over the year each with fixes over the last build.
Don’t try this developer preview on other than pixel devices.

New Features
  1. Messages with Bubbles
  2. This feature is just like Facebook conversation floating bubbles that use display over app permission. But with this feature included in the Android 11 source code, it will provide other developers an option to include bubbles to there applications for better usability. With this support of it will increase with the future versions. This feature was also included in the Android 10 developer preview but was not included in the final cut.

    floating bubble chat

  3. Send Media (Notifications)
  4. In the current stable version of Android if the user is talking to someone via the notification quick chat but you cannot send an attachment through it. But, now in Android 11, you can just copy the attachment and just paste it into the conversation text field. There is no practical implementation out yet as it is disabled, maybe it will be enabled in the future versions.

  5. Messages under conversations (notification)
  6. It is just a UI tweak to the notification. Android 10 is now bundling messages under conversation heading. It will just help you differentiate between different types of notifications and ignore the unnecessary ones.

    chats under conversation section

  7. Scrolling Screenshot
  8. This feature was anticipated to come to Android 10 and was also in the developer preview but was removed in the final build. It allows you to take more than one screenshot and combine it into one. Like when you want to screenshot of a post and but the screenshot view does not cover the whole post than by using the extend button in Android 11 you can combine screenshots into one and share it.
    I hope that this time, it will be made to the final release.

    combine multiple screenshot

  9. Screen Recording
  10. The screen recorder is already included in previous builds but was not displayed anywhere. If you want to use it you have to enable it via terminal. But, now in Android 11 it has been made available to every user. It is accessible through quick settings tiles.

    screen recorder tile

  11. Color quick tiles
  12. Limited colors for quick tiles were made available in Android 10. But developers of different AOSP ROMs added more color variants to choose from. Now with Android 11, Google is taking it to a whole new level by customizing each tile with different color options which be changed using the terminal.
    More details:
    Recolor Quick Tiles

  13. Pin Apps in share list
  14. This is an improvement to Android 11 UX. Earlier when you want to share any attachments to third party apps than you have to find your app in the share app list than share it. Using this you can now pin your favorite apps at the top.

    pin apps on share list

  15. Custom Dark Mode
  16. It is a feature to customize the dark mode timings. You can set a custom range of time in which you want the dark mode to be enabled and disabled. This feature is provided by Samsung with One UI users with Android 10 right now.

    custom timing dark mode

  17. Project Mainline
  18. Project Mainline is the concept of updating the security patches using the Google Play Store. This helps every user to protect against the latest threats or vulnerabilities. As most of the vendors provide support for the device for one to two years only. People are then left unprotected after the end of support. So, this Android 11 might help many users to stay risk-free against threats by getting the latest security patches.

Miscellaneous Upgrades
  1. Spam calls
  2. Google Phone app has a great feature of inbuilt spam filter which helps many users. Now Google is moving to Stir/Shaken Authentication which is an improvement over the last one.

  3. Bluetooth (Airplane mode)
  4. Now, when you enable Airplane mode in Android 10 dp1 your Bluetooth will not disconnect automatically as in the earlier versions. Nowadays, Bluetooth media devices usage is increasing since iPhone removed the headphone jack, it’s a great feature to have. So, if your Bluetooth device supports A2DP than you can enjoy this feature.
    Bluetooth audio while in airplane mode, Bluetooth headphones A2DP

    bluetooth not disabled in airplane mode

  5. Camera App with DND
  6. Earlier whenever you are taking photos and about hit the capture button, some notification like alarms, text, other apps pop up with sound alert than interfere with the photos. Due to this you sometimes miss the iconic moments which can’t be captured again. Now Android 11 provides a feature DND aka Do not Disturb which when enabled you will not be disturbed regarding any notification just like gaming mods works.

    camera with do not disturb

  7. Solly improvements
  8. Now you by waving the hands to the right or left, you switch tracks using Solly Radar. Wave right for the next track and Wave left for the previous track. More improvements will come with the next Android 11 developer preview.

    solly radar new gestures

  9. Low Latency
  10. This mode helps streaming services like stadia to receive one frame after decoding as fast as possible. It also supports new technologies like HDMI 1.2 to switch to auto low latency mode for faster transfer of data.

  11. Touch Screen Sensitivity
  12. It’s a new feature introduced to Pixel devices with Android 11 that provides better touch sensitivity for the device which has applied screen protector on their screen.

    touch screen sensitivity

  13. 5g Improvements
  14. The era of 5g is coming soon and Google has already started working on different API to enhance its experience. There is a bandwidth estimator API to check 5g bandwidth upstream / downstream without the need of polling the network. Dynamic meterness API to check which carrier is providing truly unmetered 5g network.

  15. Camera holes support
  16. Last year, Samsung and other manufacturers also used punch hole displays. Earlier all of these manufacturers have to modify the source code of Android every time an update was released to support these types of displays.
    Now, with Android 11, different OEMs don’t have to modify their code it will now support Pinhole and waterfall displays natively.

  17. Fps Checker
  18. In developer options, you can now enable FPS(Frames Per Second) checker the frame rate during the game. Now, we don’t have to install third-party apps to check it for a 90-120 Hz refresh rate.

    android frames per second

    Security and Privacy Improvements
    1. Better App Permissions
    2. In the current stable version of Android, 3 permission options for hardware such as Location, Storage, Microphone, Camera, more were introduced.
      Android 10:
      Always Allowed | While using the app | Deny
      Only the time | While using the app | Deny

      This Android 11 improvement provides more control over privacy.

      android 11 new app permission

    3. Scope Storage
    4. Android 11 provides better protection to the app and uses data on external storage and has more improvements to migrate apps more easily. This feature allows apps to be stored in bin which can’t be interacted much.

    5. Virtual driver License
    6. It’s a feature the will help you to virtually store your driver’s license on your phone. I think it will be only applicable to the US in the starting. It will take time to be accepted widely and especially in India.

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