Android 11 Beta 1 & 2: All Features and Tweaks

Android 11 Beta 2 is available to install on Pixel 2, Pixel 2XL, Pixel 3, Pixel 3XL, Pixel 4, Pixel 4XL. Keep In mind that these builds are not fully stable but the next beta will mainly focus on stability and finalizing the features that will be available in the Android 11 Official release.
Now, Let discuss some of the features and tweaks added to these beta releases:

New features
  1. Nearby Sharing (Beta 2)
  2. It is a feature like Apple Air Drop. This feature allows your share media with Bluetooth and wifi signals

    nearby sharing

  3. Music History (Beta 2)
  4. In Android Beta 2, You can now see last played music from the notification area which helps you to relisten previously played tracks

    media history

  5. Picture In Picture Mode (Beta 1 & Beta 2)
  6. This feature was added in the previous version of Android. But, In Beta 1 Picture in picture mode can now be resized little bigger and in Beta 2, This is a little bit improved.

    Picture in Picture Mode resize

  7. Screen Recorder Improvements (Beta 1 & Beta 2)
  8. In Android Beta 1, You can now record screen touches with screen recording And In Beta 2, Recorder can also record audio from external source like mic.

    screen recorder

  9. New Media controls (Beta 1)
  10. In Android 11 Beta 1, media controls for music is moved from notification area to quick tiles which helps the user to see only important notifications under the notification bar. It also shows the playback device or output device which is running right now like Phone speaker or Bluetooth speaker.

    new media controls

  11. Recents Improved (Beta 1)
  12. In Android Beta 1, Recents section comes with a new “Select” option. Using this option, you can now select text from any app from recents view directly than copy and paste it to other app.

recents UI

UI Tweaks
  1. Notifications (Beta 2)
  2. Android 11 Beta 2, Notifications are categorised to 3 categories: Conversations, Alerting, Silent Notifications. You can now also set priority notifications for an app in its settings

    categorized notification

  3. Screen Recorder (Beta 2)
  4. New Screen Recorder Icon is added in Android 11.

    new screen recorder icon

  5. Added ripple effect (Beta 2)
  6. A Ripple effect is added on media control in Quick Settings (Android 11 Beta 2)

  7. Wallpapers App (Beta 1 & Beta 2)
  8. In Android 11 Beta 1, Clock Customisations were added to the wallpapers app which was a great but it is removed in the Beta 2.

    wallpaper app with clock

    wallpaper app with no clock

  9. Power menu (Beta 1 & Beta 2)
  10. In Android 11 Beta 1, new redesigned power menu is added along with Google devices controls like Google Nest. We might see a support for other devices from other companies too.
    In Beta 2, A new lock option is added in the settings that combines Power Off And Restart under one button ” Power ” and new button lock down is added

    Power Menu UI

  11. Home Screen Suggestions (Beta 1)
  12. Android 11 Beta 1, Allows you to add app suggestions on home screen that were earlier only available in app drawer

    Home Screen Suggestions

  13. Bubbles (Beta 1)
  14. In Android Beta 1, You can Enable Bubbles for conversation type app in it’s app info.


  15. Dark Mode (Beta 1)
  16. In the new update of Android 11 Beta 1, Dark Mode functionality is little bit improved and add some new elements to Dark Mode UI.

    dark ui

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